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Meet the Team

Our Mission

We are dedicated to excellence in dentistry. We are committed to helping our patients achieve the smile and oral health of their dreams in the most comfortable manner possible. We strive to treat our patients in the same personal and individual manner in which we would like to be treated. Our goal is to provide dental treatment that looks magnificent, feels great, and has the greatest possible longevity.

meet teresaTeresa

Senior Dental Assistant

I have worked in dentistry for 38 amazing years; about 30 of them in this office. I help our doctors provide superior quality dentistry on every patient. I believe it to be an honor to be a part of the process of creating beautiful new smiles. I always have our patients’ best interests at heart. I love my family. I have been married to my awesome husband for 36 years. I have 2 grown sons (both married) and 5 grandchildren; they mean the world to me. When I have free time, I enjoy arts & crafts; mostly scrapbooking and card making.

meet susanSusan

Dental Assistant/Treatment Coordinator-Dr. Klement

I first joined the field as a dental assistant in 1985. I eagerly talk to our patients and have an easy laugh that is contagious. I love being able to make others feel better, and I find it incredibly rewarding to do that professionally. My goal is to provide the finest level of dental care. I work at chairside and behind the scenes to help make each procedure smooth and enjoyable. Our doctors treat all patients and staff like family, which makes our office feel like a home away from home.

meet michelleMichelle

Dental Assistant

I have been a proud member of our team for over 16 years and I enjoy being a part of the process of transforming smiles. I assist at chairside, take x-rays and impressions, chart progress and do treatment planning. In all of it, I look up to and respect our doctors because of the high-quality dentistry they provide. This makes my job enjoyable and I always look forward to getting to know our patients while making their visits as comfortable and pleasant as possible. I am happily married to Brian, have two children: Marrisa is 22 and Devin is 13. I also have a bulldog names Cooper. I love spending time with my family, and I also enjoy working out, shopping, boating and relaxing on the beach.

meet sherylSheryl

Dental Assistant

I always have a smile on my face at work because I truly love working in our office. My job is to make our patients’ experiences as comfortable as possible-and I have a great time doing this. I excel at helping others overcome their fears and I always have an encouraging word or two during procedures. Our patients are always sure to conquer their fears with me, and it is easy to do because of the smooth, painless work our talented doctors perform. I am happily married and have two super dogs; Doodle and Annabelle. I enjoy reading, cooking and hunting.

meet ginnyVirginia (Ginny)

Treatment Coordinator-Dr. Jungman

I joined this awesome team in June 2015. I received my dental assistant certification in 1983, and am trained in CPR and ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support). I completely enjoy dentistry and the excellent dentistry provided here. As Dr. Jungman’s treatment coordinator, I assist in the treatment plans generated by the doctor. I am responsible for helping you schedule and manage your treatment in progress step by step. I help you understand the treatment recommended by using everyday language and answer any concerns you may have. I understand that you, as our patient, have a lot going on in your life, so I enjoy helping you progress smoothly through your treatment experience. Dr. Jungman is a very popular dentist, as is our whole practice, so I act as your liaison communicating any concerns you need addressed. I was married in 1980 to my high school sweetheart, Morgan! I have one daughter, Michelle, and two sons, Morgan, Jr., and Marshall. I now have 5 amazing grandchildren: Jason, Luke, Trey, Caleb and baby Mabel. I love being a part of the body of Christ and sing in the choir at our Church.

meet teriTeri

Dental Assistant

I love welcoming patients to our practice and helping them enjoy their time here. Our interactions are my favorite part of coming to work, and they have made me look forward to coming into the office every day for the past 10 years. I am especially sensitive to our more anxious patients. It is pure joy to help those with fears of the dentist come to feel good about their appointments. Our doctors’ good-natured personalities make this easy. I lived in Washington for 30 years, but have come back to my roots here in Florida. It is great to be back in the “Sunshine State”. I have a great family, which includes my husband Frank, amazing son, two incredible grandsons, two horses, a dog and a cat.

meet sheriSheri

Dental Assistant

Though I joined our office in 2011, I have been working in dentistry for over 30 years. I feel very fortunate to have found such a great place to work and a team that genuinely cares for every patient. My goal is to make our patients’ experiences comfortable and fun. I especially enjoy helping patients overcome their fears and look forward to their next visit. I have wonderful twin daughters, Randi and Jenna. I enjoy any time I can spend with my family and also enjoy the company of good friends, boating and fishing.

meet crystalCrystal

Dental Assistant

I was born and raised here in the Bradenton area and completed my dental assistant training at MTC. I recently joined this amazing and joyful practice. As a child, my dentist and his assistant made my dental experience very pleasant and relaxing, which made me decide that I wanted to provide the same care to someone else. I have the opportunity to do that here. My favorite part of my job is interacting with my patients and being a part of this wonderful team.

meet lisaLisa

Certified Registered Dental Hygienist

I am here to help you reach your dental goals by encouraging you to achieve a healthy smile and body. New research ties oral health to total body health. I work to educate you on the best oral hygiene routines and help you progress on schedule with your treatment. I pride myself on staying up to date on dental products. I have served as past president of the Florida Dental Hygiene Association and the American Dental Hygienists’ Association.

meet lydiaLydia

Registered Dental Hygienist

Our practice is dedicated to lifelong relationships and smiles, and I love this. We have incredible patients who are like family. I look forward to their stories and work hard to make each of their experiences smooth and enjoyable. I am especially aware of fears and anxieties. I am well-prepared to calm fears and help all patients feel relaxed while in my chair. I am married to the love of my life. I have two wonderful children and two very precious granddaughters. I enjoy reading and sewing, and I like to make doll dresses for my granddaughters’ toys. I am also involved at my church as the treasurer.

meet karenKaren

Certified Registered Dental Hygienist

I love to make people smile and laugh. Though I currently work as a dental hygienist, I started my career as an assistant in this office in 1995. I really enjoyed my work and decided to return to school in order to take on more responsibilities at our office. I left the office and was a stay-at-home mom to my son and daughter while finishing my degree in dental hygiene. I am very happy to have been back at our office since 2010, and use all of my collective experience to provide incredible care. When I have free time, I enjoy going out with my family; to the beach, camping or theme parks.

meet natashaNatasha

Registered Dental Hygienist

I believe that smiles are a universal language, and that is what attracted me to dental hygiene. I attended Pasco-Hernando Community College and earned my A.S. in Dental Hygiene in 2005. My career has mainly been in the clinical setting although I did spend some time teaching at a local technical college and worked in health information management for 10 years. I am a Florida native and recently moved to Palmetto from Pinellas County. I have been a part of this amazing team since February, 2015. I pride myself in providing my patients with the best dental care. When I’m not shining up your smiles I enjoy working out at the gym, bike riding and boating.

meet scarlettScarlett

Office Manager

I have been very happy to be a part of our team for over 20 years. I get a really good feeling when I witness the great work that our dentists and staff do. Their work literally changes lives. Because I do so much of my work behind the scenes, you may not always see me, but I always strive to keep our office running smoothly and ensure that our patients’ needs are taken care of. When out of the office, I like to travel, craft and visit our beautiful beaches.

meet lorraineLorraine

Assistant Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with the practice since 1992 and am extremely proud of the quality dentistry that is performed by all of our doctors. I started working at the front desk after coming in for a hygiene appointment and the ladies letting me know that they thought I would be perfect for the job. I am now the Assistant Manager and love the work that I do taking care of all of the financial aspects of the office, including accounting and payroll. I am married to my best friend and have a wonderful son, daughter-in-law and the most amazing granddaughter. Outside of the office I enjoy boating, cooking and spending time with my family around the pool.

meet kellyKelly

Business Assistant

I started my dental career in California at the tender age of 16; filing charts, developing x-rays, cleaning rooms and eventually, assisting the doctor chairside. I instantly fell in love with the calm atmosphere of the office and seeing patients’ smiles being transformed. The rest, as they say, is history. I’ve been lucky to be a part of this amazing office since 2012, and can honestly say it’s the best place I’ve ever worked in my 25+ years in the field. All of the doctors and staff take the business of dentistry very seriously and we pride ourselves on providing superior care; doing it with a sense of fun and family. I have been married to my husband, Doug, since 1992; we have 2 terrific sons and a dog who thinks he’s our 3rd son. When not in the office or spending time with my family, I enjoy reading, cooking and running.

meet kimKim

Business Assistant

I moved here from Southern California to be near my daughter, her husband and my two wonderful grandsons. I’ve been working in the dental field for 30 years, joining the practice in March, 2015. I feel very fortunate to have found such a great office to work with. Everyone here has made me feel like part of their “work family”. I’m proud to be a part of the high quality dentistry that we provide to all of our patients. I enjoy people, water sports and just relaxing at one of the many beautiful beaches here in Florida.

meet kathyKathy B.

Business Assistant

I am one of the first staff members patients see when they enter our office and again when they leave. I am very happy here because we all treat each other so well. I feel like I am part of one big happy family at work. I can tell from the way our doctors treat patients that they really do care and have the patients' best interests at heart. My goal is to help the whole process and see each patient leave with a healthy and confident smile.

meet katieKatie

Office Manager Sun City Office/Dental Assistant

I love making people laugh and giving our patients a personal touch. I have a gentle and kind personality, and I really enjoy laughing. The work here is great for a person like me because it is all about making smiles and improving others’ lives. Our team enjoys the work, and they all provide a professional level of care. I keep the office running on time, take care of finances, and assist the dentists with procedures. I make sure that our patients enjoy their time here. I am happily married and live an active life. I enjoy running, working out, and walking on the beach. I also love spending time with my grandchildren.

meet kelseyKelsey

Marketing Director/Front Desk/Dental Assistant

I love problem solving and finding solutions that work for everyone. It is my goal to make sure our patients are happy and have all of their questions answered. I love the dental field and helping patients become more comfortable at the dentist. I love being outdoors and spending time with my husband and our Great Dane, Moose.

meet anaAna

Dental Assistant

I love to make my patients happy; presenting a good treatment plan that helps them achieve a great smile is my ultimate goal. When out of the office, I enjoy camping with my husband in our RV and visiting with my nieces and nephews every summer.

meet kathyKathy

Registered Dental Hygienist

I have worked in the dental field as a Registered Dental Hygienist for over 30 years. The 12 and counting that I have spent here have been the best. I love coming to work and helping to educate our patients while learning about them at the same time. Together, we help create and maintain their teeth for life. I have a great family in my husband, John, and our two sons, Matt and Casey. I love traveling with them and doing community dental outreach. Working with highly professional dentists makes our office a great work environment.

meet faithFaith

Registered Dental Hygienist

I have been practicing dental hygiene since 1983, and it has been a great time. I am very proud to work for our dentists who are all professional and ethical in their treatments, and they truly care about each patient's health as a whole. Being a dental hygienist, I am aware of the many links between oral and whole body health. This is why I really appreciate our dentists' dedication to total health. I am married to the love of my life, and I have two boys and three step-children. I like animals of all kinds and doing arts and crafts. My favorite activity has got to be sculpting.

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